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..Welcome to Mike's Custom cars index page..Be sure to check all the pages so you dont miss anything.Sorry my guest book has vanished and I`m moving hopefully i get this all fixed soon. I got a new guest book so please sign it i lost all of my old entries! Thanks for stoping by.Update Jan 21 2006 new pictures we are working on the ride agian!!! Thanks Mike

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Click here for "Page A"..The chop on the Fury..

Click here for "Page B"..Kustom body mods on the Fury..

Click here for "Page C"..The new airconditioner box and engine bay Work starting 2000 This is complete now..

Click here for "Page D"..Body Work starting 2001..

Click here for "Page E"..Int Work starting 2001..

Click here for "Page F"..Motor Work starting 2005..

Click here for "Page 1"..Dad's Page..

Click here for "Page 2"..My 66 300..

Click here for "Page 3"..Dads early years Page..

Click here for "Page 4"..The flame page..

Click here for "Page 5"..Are we having fun yet? Page..

Click here for "Page 6"..The Matt Davis Page..

Click here for "Page 7"..Rhett`s Page..

Click here for "Page 8"..Times Past Do you remember?..

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